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  entry created: Thursday 19 June 2008, 7:50am (NZ time)
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Location:  Märjamaa, Estonia
Local time:  Wednesday, 10:50pm

One month after arriving in Estonia and I'm finally getting off my ass to write a diary update. I guess what with all the eating, sleeping, gigging, vodka-ing (?!), exercising etc, I simply haven't found the time! ;o)

The Friday night gigs at St. Patrick's Pub are still going well, and I'm received very warmly every week. I think good live Western music is still a bit of a novelty here. Oh well, I'm happy to ride that wave. Plus the food's great and they pay exceptionally well for a relatively-poor country. Can't complain.

It's 11pm, and still light enough outside to play a game of tennis. Jaanipäev (the midsummer solstice) - probably Estonia's biggest calendar event of the year, after Christmas - is approaching soon (Monday June 23). It means two days of public holidays, plus a big bonfire accompanied by lots of beer or vodka.

Õllesummer, Estonia's annual beer festival, is also coming soon (early July). The last time I visited this was four years ago. Should be fun.

I made my first YouTube video the other day. Click on the high quality link to the lower-right of the video.

Well, I don't have much else to say, so will let the few photos below do the talking.

Krista and I went to a friend's birthday party recently (the guy on the right).
The theme was Miami Vice 1982. I was going for Don Johson, but ended up
looking more like a cross between MC Hammer and George Michael.

But still I looked gooood.

Don't mess with MC Hammer, yo.

Serious things to discuss.

This guy was 200-years off with the theme.

Estonians play some weird games. Don't ask.

Krista the BBQ queen. Estonians make the most of their short summers, by barbequeing whenever they can.

Err, no comment.

Before the start of our canoeing trip through southern Estonia.

An old coal powerstation at the end point of our canoe trip. We fell out once (I blame the canoe). And my bum was sore (I blame the seat).

The little party spot where we camped over night. When the vodka gets flowing, Estonians really come out of their shells.

The toilet. An outhouse, Estonian styles.

After boiling inside the 100°C smoke-sauna, this was the little jetty we jumped off (naked or otherwise) into the freezing lake
(well, it felt freezing after the sauna).

As I mentioned way back in 2005 in a diary entry about Estonia, they use mayonnaise as a basis to most types of salads here.
This shot is pure salad-making in action!

They also love live music, and peer-pressured me into performing a few tunes for them, which were very warmly received! ;o)

We call this our 'Blue Steel' look.

A shot of typical Estonian forest.

Chillaxing in the peaceful sunshine.

Rain drops in forest grass. Not an easy shot to get, but I nailed it, no?! ;o)

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