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  entry created: Thursday 4 January 2007, 5:47am (NZ time)
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Location:  Märjamaa, Estonia
Local time:  Wednesday, 6:46pm
Music:  Thievery Corporation - Versions

Well, I decided against sailing across the Atlantic again. I did actually secure a position as delivery crew on board a new 40ft catamaran, being delivered from France to Tortola (British Virgin Islands), but the trip was expected to take some 8 weeks from start to finish, and I decided that I'd really rather get there sooner. Otherwise I'd miss half the working season. So I managed to find a relatively cheap flight with Air Caraibes, flying from Paris to the French side of St. Martin, via Guadeloupe, on the 10th of January. For €520 including tax, it was a much better deal than if I flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida - a place I know nothing about.

Once again I'll be back on that crazy little island that I vowed I wouldn't return to for a long time. In my defence, it's been almost two years, and my plan is to be there for as little time as possible - I want to find a job on a boat and start working. Krista is understandably a little peeved that she can't come with me - she has to stay in Estonia to complete her driver's licence. It's hovering around the 0°C mark at the moment (unseasonably warm, apparently!), compared to a balmy 28°C or so over there. We both miss the sun.

Christmas and New Years were fun, and I'm glad I was here in Estonia with special people. It was very traditional, with lots of potatoes, pork and vodka. I'm leaving late tomorrow night, on the bus to Riga, Latvia (for a flight to Copenhagen and then Nice). It's gonna be sad to say goodbye to everybody again.

The Christmas tree in Raekoja Plats, on a gloomy day in Tallinn's city center. It's home to the only surviving Gothic town hall
in northern Europe, built in the 14th century.

A rose from an admiring fan (Krista's Aunty) sits on my stool in St. Patrick's pub, the night of my final performance, last Friday.

Clutching my money-maker.

An outdoor ice-skating rink has been set up in Tallinn...

...set against the charming backdrop of the old town's 600-year-old buildings...

...and being used by some 6-year-olds!

After braving the horrid weather yesterday, we had a great lunch in the old town. Here's me trying to decipher
a local newspaper while we waited for our food. I'm gonna miss the prices of Estonia!

The 13th century Märjamaa kirik just down the road. I love this old church, and admire it every time I walk/ride/drive past.
The shot is out of focus, I know - but it was the best I could do for a two-second hand-held exposure.

Siim and I, jamming on New Year's eve. The music got worse as the vodka went down!

It's traditional here to see in the new year outside,
so we all stumbled out into the snow-covered streets
just before midnight. Happy New Years!

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