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  entry created: Wednesday 1 March 2006, 2:35am (NZ time)
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Location:  Yding, Denmark
Local time:  Tuesday, 2:32pm
Music:  Bargrooves: Metropolitan

Well, my time here is running out and I'm on the move again. In one week I'm heading to the south of France, to a city called Avignon. My focus is to get fluent in French, but finding work is also a very high priority, as I'm starting to get cash-strapped and there's been little work opportunities here for me in Denmark. I am, however, grateful for Krista's friends and workmates, who have been coming to me to get their laptops fixed/re-installed/updated etc, and are paying rather handsomely for the privelege (I never set a fee, the first person just paid me a nice amount and everybody else simply followed suit, paying the same). So those five-or-so jobs have kept me going for a bit, but I'll be needing to earn some Euros once I hit France. No longer will I be the resident IT-geek.

Krista will be staying on here to work, and it's going to get pretty full-on for her during the summer, doing 16-hr days, six days per week. I don't know what work I'll find, but anything will be good to begin with. Who knows, maybe I'll end up standing on a street corner with the guitar, playing for my dinner.

I've been using some downloaded MP3 lessons over the last few weeks for French study. It's pretty dull material, but I've remained motivated and think I've made some substantial progress. Hopefully it's all going to fall into place once I'm immersed in the culture.

Somebody mentioned to me a site the other day that I found a bit of a laugh. You lads out there will too, methinks. Check this out. (Try commands like 'wet', 'dance', 'cartwheel', 'play', 'polish', 'touch', 'banana'... you get the idea.) Good clean fun for the whole family. Or maybe not.

So this will be my last post from Denmark for some time. But maybe not the last ever. I feel like bursting out with some sort of political commentary on the current state of affairs surrounding the whole tolerance vs. religion cartoon debate, which originated from this very country, or of the dire times that Iraq is now finding itself in, but this site was never intended to be my personal soap-box... and anyway, most of you probably feel the same way I do. (But on a side note, here's an interesting article on the Sept. 11 cover-up).

I'll leave you with some peaceful Wintery scenes from our last outing to Skanderborg (the small town 12km away) on Sunday...

Tuborg on ice. An empty bottle of Tuborg - one of Denmark's most famous
beer brands - lies discarded on the frozen surface of Lake Skanderborg.

Looking out across the frozen lake surface at the typical Danish houses lining the shore...

...and again...

...and hell, why not again.

Me and thee, chilling (literally - it's pretty cold here right now!).

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