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  entry created: Wednesday 1 February 2006, 11:37pm (NZ time)
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Location:  Yding, Denmark
Local time:  Wednesday, 11:36am
Music:  De-Phazz

Winter in Denmark. It's really not as bad as I had expected. In fact, a lot of the time it's quite beautiful. Rather than grey skies and constant driving rain like back in New Zealand, there's clear blue skies and spectacular sunsets. Sure, it's often zero degrees or a couple below, but with no wind and maybe one day of rain every two weeks, it's much less depressing! The trees look fluffy-white, and the snow crunches beneath your feet. Definitely not something I'm used to.

Signs pointing up the road I run every day... to the highest point in Denmark (Yding Skovhøj), and the second-highest
point, 3km further on. (Incidentally, that place on the bottom-right - "Såby" - is pronounced "Sirboo". Those crazy Danes.)

Icicles dripping from the roof of a local house.

The street behind our house. Everything seemed to have a
sort of surreal aspect to it on that crisp, clear morning.

Looking down our street.

The local church at dusk.

And again, from the rear.

I had to wade through knee-deep snow to get this shot!

Me, standing around.

Me and thee.

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