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  entry created: Friday 21 October 2005, 1:14am (NZ time)
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Location:  Märjamaa, Estonia
Local time:  Thursday, 3:15pm

Nothing much new to report here. Autumn is on the way out and Winter feels like it's on the way in. The skies are still mostly clear and blue, but it's only about 10 degrees C.

I've been getting into a photography web site a lot lately - There's many incredible photos from every corner of the world, sent in by regular joes. The photos are then critiqued by other regular joes, so it's also a good learning tool. You can check out my submissions to-date here.

And so here's a few more photos from around the village here, just coz...

I've been experimenting with astro-photography lately. Here's one of my better shots of the almost-full moon taken a few nights ago,
at the maximum telephoto range I can achieve with my long lens.
Details: 1/1000s, f/9.0, ISO400, Mirror Lock-up enabled with self-timer, tripod, 480mm focal length.

The local church (14th century) reflecting the sunset.

A beautiful tree-lined road that always catches my eye as I ride to the gym each day.

A little cabin on the corner of our street. Last week it looked like this, now the trees are pretty-much bare.

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