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  entry created: Tuesday 19 April 2005, 6:37am (NZ time)
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Location:  Simpson Bay
Local time:  Monday, 2:35pm

...gone. In two weeks, anyway. We'll be leaving here and heading back to Estonia to chill out for a while. I need a holiday from the very place that people come to to have a holiday.

Due to some long-standing disagreements, the Jukebox Heroes is dis-banding and I'm leaving the island early. Les will probably try to continue on with the name and new members, but I'm hitting the road - once again doing what I had set out to do when I left NZ over two years ago... travel and see the world. Mum and Dad are going to be visiting Italy and Greece, Turkey, France etc in June, and I'll be most likely meeting up with them somewhere over there. That'll be fun. But for now I'm just looking forward to getting off this little rock, back to some wide-open spaces and a bit more reality.

So both my cars are for sale (yes, I still have two), as is my drum kit. I think I've sold one car and the drums already, so that's a help. I've spoken to my landlord, and thankfully he's willing to give me back my security deposit, which is good considering how I bailed out so early on the lease agreement. I managed to find some relatively cheap airfares (total comes to about US$850) back to Europe, and so basically now it's just a waiting game... counting down the days over the next two weeks, and trying to live really really cheaply (I have no more income now, since we are no longer playing any gigs). We plan on doing a day-trip to the neighbouring island of Saba, which will cost a bit, but there probably won't be any more opportunities to see it, since at this stage I really don't see myself returning here. At least for a few years.

My list of things to do before I fly out seems to grow every day. Hopefully I can accomplish it all, while still finding time to finalise my tan on the beach, before going back to somewhat-colder northern Europe! (It's 10-degrees-Celcius in Estonia today. Ouch. But they say they're expecting a great summer). (yeah right!)

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