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  entry created: Friday 10 December 2004, 8:46am (NZ time)
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Location:  Cole Bay, Sint Maarten N.A.
Local time:  Thursday, 3:45pm

Well, I made it across the Atlantic ocean in 14 and a half days from the Canary Islands, and a lot's happened since then, but I don't have the time to go into it yet, nor the inclination to put up some pictures. So, for the news in brief!...

Back in Sint Maarten, setting up gigs again, which is slowly but surely turning into something good - more playing on the French side this time around, and we already have the upcoming Heineken Regatta booked to play in, plus a full-page article in the next Pulp Magazine. Nice one. Christmas Day and New Year's day gigs are booked, and we're playing at the final night of the St. Maarten charter show (50-60 megayachts in the lagoon right now) at Isle del Sol marina on Saturday night.

After a stressful 9 days of no transport and no place to stay (JP & Lorna have been a god-send in this respect), I bought a car yesterday. A big, metallic blue '95 Nissan Laurel Ultima (like a Cefiro in New Zealand). 6-cyl 2.4L, so it's gutsy, but has lotsa room for band stuff. One of the only ones on the island (parts ain't gonna be easy to get though I'm guessing!). And I got an amazing deal, although a bit of cleaning is still required.

And in other news, have found a temporary apartment to stay in until the end of the month. So for the time-being I'm sorted, and things are starting to take off...

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