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  entry created: Tuesday 15 June 2004, 11:41am (NZ time)
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Location:  Hayley's, Tooting Bec, London
Local time:  Tuesday, 12:45am

Well, so far so good. I've been having a good time in London, and the weather, surprisingly, has been fantastic - nothing like what I was expecting really. Saturday was a big day at Hayley's house. There was a big group of us, and everybody ended up getting pretty trashed before heading out to the clubs. The highlight of the day for me was everybody sitting around while I played U2's With or Without You on the guitar. They were all singing their hearts out and it was hilarious.

On Sunday I woke up to my alarm, with a throbbing head and a mouth like sandpaper. After sitting on the tube for about 40 mins, I ended up in Kentish Town, at The Church - something I'd been hearing about for a long time back in NZ and decided I needed to check it out for myself. Well, other than the 500 drunken Aussies, Kiwis and Brits (at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon) it was basically just loud music, some drinking games, and a couple of strippers. It was all bollocks really, but oh well. And the last thing I felt like doing was hitting the beers!

I got back to Hayley's to find her mum was there - I had worked for her at their pub back in NZ, so it was good to see her again, and now I've been roped into helping her buy a PC while I'm here!

Today was another big day on my feet. I started off in Grosvenor Gardens getting my air ticket to Estonia, which I managed to suss for 80, for this coming Sunday, so that was an unexpected bonus. Then I wandered down to Buckingham Palace... and again I was left feeling a little dissappointed. I guess when you've seen one of these grandious stone buildings, you've seen them all. Then I went to the Natural History Museum, and then the Science Museum (way better), and then to Harrods Department Store. Wow, I had heard that it was fancy, but a 45,000 watch, or 80,000 neckless, or 18,000 cellphone for God's sake?! Amazing. Total excess.

I spent 4.70 on the train ticket.

A typical tube station. This is the Northern Line.

Me and Buckingham Palace.

Harrods. More impressive than the Palace, I thought.

A Lamborghini Diablo parked, quite aptly, outside of Harrods. Sexy!

The Royal London Penis Enlargement Clinic?

The British Natural History Museum (largest museum in Europe)

A life-size Blue Whale inside the museum.

The Church (on the left!)...

...where one thing usually leads to another.
(more photos of the day here)

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