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  entry created: Friday 12 December 2003, 7:35am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna's, Pelican Keys
Local time:  Thursday, 2:30pm
Music:  Island 92FM

Not much to tell at the moment really. I've got the afternoon off work coz one of the rudders on the boat broke. D'oh.

Things are still pretty much the same here. Music is going well, diving is still happening (and they're playing reggae Christmas carols on the boat... aaaarrrggghh!).

JP & Lorna's house was broken into on Monday night. Over $10,000 of stuff taken. Ouch. Sucks huh.

Need a car pretty badly for all this music we're doing, but still getting by. Bought a new diving mask (US$70) the other day coz I dropped my weight belt on the old one and shattered it, dammit. It's now Winter here (ie. 25 degrees C, or low 80s F), and sometimes really cold on the boat these days when it's windy and drizzling, and the water is getting a little brisk (well, for me, anyway... the tourists don't think so), so I've been trying to find a 'rashy' - rash guard/vest thingy to keep me warm. A lot harder to find here than I thought though.

*Yawn* Well, this seems to be turning into one of the most boring entries ever, so I think I'll leave it there...

Oh, but here's a couple photos...

Simpson Bay Beach (I live about a 20 sec. walk from it). I run along here on my days off.

The 30ft catamaran (once called 'Virunga', and hand-built in Brazil by my brother)
that I lived on for 2 months back in '97. Now very much converted to a water taxi of sorts.

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