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  entry created: Thursday 29 September 2005, 3:13am (NZ time)
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Location:  Märjamaa, Estonia
Local time:  Wednesday, 6:15pm

Okay, so, as promised, here's the second set of photos from my trip to Denmark a couple weeks ago...

A waterfall at Legoland. About the only thing that wasn't made out of lego.

The impressive Copenhagen city court (the old city hall).
Above the columns it reads: "Med lov skal man land bygge" - "With laws you must build a country".

Århus (pop. 290,000) - Denmark's second largest city, and Jutland's
(the mainland's) largest. A buzzing little university town that I think
I'd prefer to live in over Copenhagen.

The northern-most tip of Denmark - the beach at Skagen. A 20-minute walk gets you to the point where the two
oceans either side of Denmark meet.

Doing a handstand at the top of Denmark.

Tarvo, Reelika (Krista's sister), Krista and I.

I always manage to get in the way of somebody's photo!

A typical house in Skagen. Painted yellow, and with the distinctive
red-tiled roofs with bands of whitewash at their edges.

Den Tilsandede Kirke - The Buried Church. Situated near Skagen, the church was reached by the surrounding
drifting sand dunes in 1775, and closed in 1795, being almost completely covered by the moving sand. The remaining
tower was preserved as a navigation mark.

Strange huh?

A diagram showing where the rest of the church would be.

Standing outside the Guiness World Record store in Copenhagen,
dwarfed by 9-foot (2.7m) giant, Robert Wadlow.

Morten and I at the train station in Holstebro, where I visited him and stayed with his parents.

Holstebro's cathedral - a fairly typical representation of Danish church design

Holstebro is supposed to have a piece of art 'on every street corner' (the mayor says "why should art be locked away
in galleries where nobody will see it?"). This statue apparently represents officials of the town. Mmm, sexy.

Another strange piece in the town.

Morten's parents' house, overlooking a lake. I could spend hours just lying in one of those leather couches
staring out the window! Like watching a fish bowl or an open fire.

A perfect 1:2 copy of the Little Mermaid, sitting in the reception area of
Morten's uncle's 4-star hotel. Apparently the original creator of Copenhagen's
Little Mermaid (Edward Eriksen) also made five half-sized replicas.
This is the only one in Denmark, and is probably worth a small fortune.

One of the locals in Yding.

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