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  entry created: Thursday 8 September 2005, 4:58am (NZ time)
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Location:  Märjamaa, Estonia
Local time:  Wednesday, 7:58pm

Well, as the great singer Seal once said, time keeps on slipping into the future. So to make the most of my time, I've been working on my original music, and have written three new songs in the last few weeks. I'm also using some powerful computer software to produce the songs, and have some possible professional studio time coming up (fingers crossed), but I'll keep you posted on that...

On Friday we're flying off to the smallest and most-southern Scandinavian country, Denmark, for 10 days, to stay with Krista's sister. I'll also be meeting up with Morten, a Danish friend I met in the Caribbean (who's floor I slept on for a few months!). Good fun.

A spectacular sunset we caught on the way home from a birthday party the other night.

The six cubic metres of firewood dumped here the other day, that we had to sort through and stack neatly.
Ugh, back-breaking stuff!

The 300-year-old "Kernu Kadakas" (a juniper tree in Kernu), planted by Swedish King Karl XII during the
North War (1700-1721) between Sweden and Russia. For a 300-year-old tree, it really ought to be more
spectacular than the 7m-high roadside shrub that it is!

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