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  entry created: Sunday 10 July 2005, 2:11am (NZ time)
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Location:  Krakow, Poland
Local time:  Saturday, 4:10pm

Well, we're currently in Poland. And already I've had a run-in with the gun-toting Polish police, but I'll go into that another time. I had some Polish soup today, and it was, well, not really to my liking. And it seems that they have no idea how to make coffee or build roads.

Salzburg was great, and very hot (about 30 degrees). We did some day-tripping around the city, and found a crystal blue alpine lake surrounded by mountains, so I stripped off to my boxers and had a swim. The next day we passed through Innsbruck on the way into Munich, which was a nice city too, but I think I enjoyed Berlin more. The Czech Republic was definitely a change from Germany - noticeable as soon as you cross the border. (Why do they sell so many garden gnomes on the roadside?). The Autobahns in Germany and the Czech Rep. are great to drive on, and it sure eats up the distance when sitting comfortably at 160kph. Amazing to see BMWs and Audis etc fly past doing at least 220. The brand new Renault Megane rental car is a pleasure to drive and thankfully has a good sound system, and lots of space for all of Mum & Dad's stuff.

Prague was fantastic, and I don't care what they say, it's STILL cheap. It was a helluva long drive (although only 400km in distance) to Krakow, and tomorrow we're off to Budapest, passing through Slovakia. Might be another big mission. But it's great driving, rather than flying, as we get to see so much more, take detours, stop in local places (get very lost) etc.

Well, time's up. I'm off to take photos of the old town in Krakow...

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