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  entry created: Tuesday 8 April 2003, 9:49am (NZ time)
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Location:  Mail Centre, Palapa Marina, Sint Maarten, Netherland Antilles
Local time:  5:50pm
Music:  Crazy spanish stuff on the local (crap) radio station

So it's happening now. Harraah. On Sunday (I think) I'm sailing off to Mallorca (or its capital, Palma de Mallorca, to be precise) - one of the Belearic islands off the coast of Spain (a quick ferry ride to Ibiza, so I'm gonna have to check that out too). I'm gonna be a deckhand on 'Beaugeste' (French for 'gracious gesture'?)'- a 122ft private sailboat.

For 5 hours on Saturday and all day today, I've been working on 'Constanter', a 62' Swan racing boat, stripping it down readying it for racing. I went up the 26m mast today in the Bosun's chair FIVE times - my God, what an experience dangling from the top of the mast on a single line. I had to remove the existing forestay, take that down and replace it with a lightweight one, which required spanners, hammers, pliers, the works. What a mish, but a great view at the top. The wind sure knocks you around up there. And for some reason I'm proud of this achievement. I'll be working on this boat until I leave for Europe on Sunday.

Been going out every night, networking, meeting people, drinking too many $1 beers etc. And I am now sporting a nice tan, so haraah to that as well. I have overcome my initial lonliness, and am now actually enjoying living in the apartment - I realised the other day that it's the first time I've ever really lived by myself.

Last night was a huge tropical storm, with 50 knot winds and lots of rain. Scorching today though (too hot I say). I'm beat - working in this bloody sun, doing this laborious work is really draining.

Sorry, can't upload pics yet, but I have plenty. Will try soon at JP & Lorna's. And argh, this shitty setup here won't let me log in to check my mail. Well another time.

My foot is absolutely excruciating at the moment. It's very inflamed, and I can see dark red blood vessels. Looks like a lotta sunburn, but it's not. I have to limp home and plaster it in Arnica cream. I hope it's better for work tomorrow.

Started my 10th song last night...

Okay, gotta go home and shower and put this bloody hoof of mine up. Love yers all.

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